Als je 1 bloem zaait voor in je tuin, laat het dan reukerwtjes zijn. - Tuinkabouter Chrisje

If you sow 1 flower for your garden, let it be sweet peas.

I have been a fan of this fantastic flower for years for the following reasons:

  • Small garden or do you want to get the most out of your available space, just like me, sweet peas are climbers, so lots of flowers in little space!
  • The smell - to fall from the back so good ! Even if you have milder and strongly scented ones in the different variants, it remains a breathtaking perfume that they give
  • Their looks - they are so frail and romantic - that's why I love it!
  • The masses of flowers they produce - cut the flowers every four days and keep giving them - until it's too hot outside. Then the flowering season for this annual is over
  • You won't find sweet peas at your standard flower shop - they only keep well in a vase for 4 to 5 days - but hey, don't worry, there are already new ones on your plant ready to harvest!
  • The scent and their romantic look make them ideal to put on the festive table - ideal for filling small vases for communion parties, weddings, but even to brighten up your weekday kitchen table, so every day is a party!

I could go on with my plea for sweet peas, but for those who are already convinced I would like to give some tips. There are videos with good tips on my instagram channel @tuinkabouterchrisje.

How and when to sow?

- Sowing can already be done in autumn September until the end of October for firm plants in spring
- If you missed that timing, you can sow again from February
- You take a deep pot (a P9 pot for example)
- If you have fresh seeds, do not soak them a few hours beforehand. If you have older seed, you can do that.
- Make a well in it and put 3 to 4 seeds in each pot (1 in each corner)

When you have hardened off your plant enough and your roots start to look at the bottom of your pot, we will plant them out around the month of April.

Provide a rack to grow against - the straighter you can tie them up, the longer your stems will be. Do not forget to harvest in time!

picking sweet peassweet pea Chrisje's mix

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