Plukabonnement 2023 - Tuinkabouter ChrisjePlukabonnement 2023 - Tuinkabouter Chrisje

More flowers in your garden!

Welcome to Garden Gnome Chrisje!

What can you contact me for?

Flower seed from the most beautiful picking flowers, tested & approved by myself. Special types of cut flowers that will make your heart beat faster! My ticker anyway ;-)

Ecological real flowers of the season . I grow my flowers from seed to flower myself in my greenhouse. Those flowers grow with great love (but without harmful spraying or fertilizers) in the open air in Lennik, in the heart of Pajottenland.

You can come and harvest those fantastic seasonal flowers yourself during workshops on the field, a hand-tied bouquet for your home or to brighten up your wedding or party !

What I especially want to convey is the positive effect of more flowers in your garden :
the pleasure, the pleasure, the satisfaction you get from growing your own flowers.
When you sow, you clear your head, you are busy with the here and now. But you also sow perspective - that one seed grows into a beautiful flower and it's all thanks to you. And the fact that nature also becomes happier is a big bonus!

Even if you don't live in the area, you can also learn everything about picking gardening through my online workshops . That's why I do what I do, with a lot of love & passion!

Be welcome,
Garden gnome Chrisje

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