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The top 5 materials for your picking garden

Flowers in your garden will make you instantly happy!

Do you want to start with it? Then make sure you get these top 5 materials for a good start for your picking garden.

1. Seeding trays with lid and bottom shell.

You may still have the best seed in the world, but successful sowing is done with solid seed material.
Grab a lid and base right away - so you have a complete set to get started. You do not have to sow all the same species per sowing tray - it is convenient to do it per row.

2. Labels - labels - labels

Believe me (I speak from experience) - once you have sown a few different varieties you sometimes don't know what was in which tray. That is why it is best to label your seed tray. With a waterproof marker you write the species on it, label it and you're done!

3. A patio greenhouse or conservatory

You can sow indoors on a south-facing windowsill, but the period that you can sow is fairly limited. Give yourself the pleasure of a long sowing period (and free windowsills :-) ) by purchasing a patio greenhouse or conservatory.

patio greenhouse

4. Flower seed for cut flowers

There are plenty of beautiful flowers, but not all of them are suitable for picking and keeping in a vase. Therefore choose varieties that have proven to have a nice vase life. You can enjoy it both outside and inside!

5. A place under the sun

Besides your materials, this one is actually a very important point. Flowers, and certainly most annuals that make good cut flowers, like a spot in full sun. But what is "full sun"?

That is a place where your plant will receive at least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. These are the warmest places in your garden.

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