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Ammi Majus flower seed

Ammi Majus flower seed

Large field screen.

A beautiful white lace-like umbel flower. Perfect as a filler in bouquets. A must in your picking garden.
Ammi Majus is also very nice in the border to combine with other plants. Because Ammi Majus can get high, he can sometimes use some support. Especially in windy areas it is best to give it some support so that the taproot does not break off.

This romantic plant can grow up to 1m20 in height.

sowing :

  • In autumn from September to October - sheltered in an unheated conservatory, cold greenhouse or patio greenhouse. Ideal germination temperature 22 °C. Ammi Majus germinates best due to the heat during the day and the cooler temperatures at night.
  • In the spring: from February to March

By sowing in autumn, this Ammi Majus will grow larger.
If you do not sow sheltered in the fall, sow in early spring. Your seed will take about 21 days to germinate.

Hardy annuals
Prefers full sun. Could use an extra support.
Harvest when the flowers are nicely open.

Content: 1 gram

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