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Consolida Ajacis Pink (larkspur)

Consolida Ajacis Pink (larkspur)

Annual delphinium (Consolida Ajacis) in a bright pink shade.
Very beautiful en masse in a vase and also dries well as a dried flower!
In the border I would rather put them in the middle - back, because they grow fairly high.

You can sow this hardy annuals in autumn or early spring. They prefer a cooler growing period, so you get bigger, taller plants.
Also give these plants some support, so that they do not fall over in wind or heavy rain.
Harvest them when 1/3 of the flowers are open and then you can expect a good week of vase life.
Type: Hardy annual
Height: 1 - 1.20m
Site: Full sun in rich, well-drained soil (does not like to be too wet)
Content: 0.50 gram +/- 150 seeds

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I was very excited to receive my collection of seeds and have planted them and have lovely seedlings.. I love the seed choice!

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