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Foxglove "Apricot Delight"

Foxglove "Apricot Delight"

Digitalis purpurea "Apricot Beauty" / "Apricot Delight"

This excellent variety produces long stems in a soft apricot color.
Foxglove is the cottage garden plant par excellence! But also a good cut flower for impressive bouquets.

Sow in autumn (Aug-Sept-to-Oct) The seed needs light to germinate, so do not cover with soil. This is a biennial plant, so in the first year it produces the leaf rosettes and in the second year it produces the flower stems in the spring.

Attention! The entire plant (and seed) of digitalis is poisonous. Be careful with children and animals. Wear gloves when harvesting. A real treat for bumblebees and bees. Can handle both shade and sun.

Sun or shade
90 to 120cm

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