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Zinnia elegans Oklahoma Salmon

Zinnia elegans Oklahoma Salmon

Zinnia elegans Oklahoma Salmon is highly recommended if you are looking for a color zinnia that you can combine very well with other shades. This zinnia species mainly has double flowers, not too large in terms of flower head. A beautiful mix of salmon and peach colored flowers.

How to sow zinnias?

Zinnias are easy to grow plants, they germinate quickly after about 5 days. Ideal for the impatient among us!

The ideal germination temperature is 21-24°C. You may already sow zinnias sheltered (conservatory, greenhouse or in the house) 4 weeks before your last frost date (mid-May).

Planting out, after hardening off, can only be done after the danger of frost has passed (after mid-May). Zinnias are sensitive to frost, so they cannot tolerate frost.

Take out the top growth (tops) for more stems per plant.

Pitch zinnias

Zinnias are originally from Mexico and therefore prefer a warm, sunny spot. A place in full sun (= at least 6 hours of direct sunlight) will give you the most beautiful flowers.

+/- 30 seeds per pack

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Customer Reviews

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Prachtige zinnia

Deze zinnia is buitengewoon mooi, bloeit lang door, en heeft een prachtige ongewoon mooie kleur, aanwinst voor de border!

Cristina Bordei

The seeds germinated very quickly, in 2-3 days after planting

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