Dahlia's - opgepast lezen op eigen risico - instant Dahlia-verslaving - Tuinkabouter Chrisje

Dahlias - read carefully at your own risk - instant Dahlia addiction

Dahlias ... the flower that was long considered old-fashioned is back in the spotlight, and she deserves it!

My Blessed Pepe had one in the garden, but then an "ordinary" flower. Now everyone who sees dahlias instantly falls in love. Gardeners who have dahlias want more and more. Because it has to be said, she is a fantastic show pony! Flowers that just keep coming - in a rainbow of colors and shapes. Whether you want pastel shades or bright pops of color , there's a dahlia for you!

I myself am also crazy about dahlias , every year I want a different variety, yet other colors to expand my collection (which is quite a bit). Call it the dahlia collecting fever and I'll be happy to light that up ;-)

When you buy a dahlia, you are actually buying a tuber .
If you would like to have dahlias in the garden, but you could use some help, I have a great online workshop for that. I will teach you everything about dahlias during the workshop!

You order dahlias during the winter period - in January for example.

Here are some of my favorite places to buy Dahlia tubers :

And some of my favorite dahlias :

  • Dahlia Cafe au Lait

Dahlia Cafe au Lait

  • Dahlia Nicholas

  • Dahlia Jowey Winnie
Dahlia Jowey Winnie

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