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Tuinkabouter Chrisje

Hori hori plant knife

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A topper! What a powerful plant knife, I would like to recommend this one to you.

I have tested this Hori Hori knife extensively in my heavy clay soil and it has really become my best buddy in the garden. He effortlessly makes a hole in the earth with his sharp point. There is also a serrated side to the blade that you can use to cut plants. This multifunctional garden tool is therefore a knife, saw and digging tool in one.

There are also centimeters on it so that you also have a measuring rod with you, handy to know the planting distance between your plants.

Some background info about the name:

The Hori Hori knife first appeared in Japan around the Middle Ages, in the 13th or 14th century. The word “Hori” means to dig in Japanese.

Dimensions 3 X 8.2 X 32.2 in stainless steel and ash wood.